Friday, July 11, 2008

Badi Kekalahan?

I was on my way back to Penang from my cousin's wedding reception in Sungai Petani when i noticed of this sight. So i decided to pull over my car on the emergency lane and try to take some shots. I think not many would give a care about this thing. But i know i do. There is absolutely no political reason that made me care about this thing. The best thing is, this picture was taken somewhere in KEPALA BATAS.

C'mon lah, just because BN suffer quite a great loss from the previous general election, that doesn't mean that this thing should happen.

What does a flag reflects? It reflects the identity and everything that the party stands for. I don't care what political party you're supporting. Infact, i don't give a damn about that. Political background does not make us different. We are still Malaysians.

But in this case, somebody has to do something about this flag. Replace it with the new ones maybe. C'mon lah, jangan kasi malu boss maaa...Kesian Pak Lah. Well, just saying what my free mind wants to express.

P/S: This post has got nothing to do with my political interest. My vote remains secret. TQ