Monday, August 3, 2009

Indah Khabar Dari Rupa

Guess the food yourself

Last night is one of the day that i would never forget. After buying off things at Alamanda, me & my cousin planning of having a good dinner but don't know which place would be best. After a while then only we decide where to have our dinner. I've read about the place in Kosmo newspaper. Other people says it's nice, so there's no hesitation between us. Our stop, somewhere in Bandar Baru Bangi.

Reached the place around 9pm, we saw a lot of people over there. First thought that this place must be good. Without further delay, we ordered the so-called famous soup all the peoples are talking about.

The when our order came, first thing first, we have our first sip of the so-called delicious soup. Guess what happen? Me & my cousin started to make *that weird looking face. All that we can taste is the taste of the chilli in it. Garam mahai sangat ka lani? Rasa "turr" nk mampuih. We try to add some sambal into the soup, hoping that it will taste better. But sadly it gets worse. My cousin n i started to cry by ourselves. Meleleh ayaq mata & ayaq hidung semua cukup. Memang merecit. Dah macam tengok cerita sedih hindustan.

As for conclusion, that is the first & the last time i'll be there in that restaurant. Tobat tak mau dah makan kat situ. Baik la aku pi Ani Sup Utara ja semalam. I don't know if the soup was supposed to be good & last night was just our unlucky day. But i've just had it enough. Haish. And for the consequences, i have to bought 1 large set of Double Cheeseburger to cover up my lousy dinner last night. The end.


*the kind of face you make when you taste a lousy food which you think it was damn good.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Public Nuisance

It was Saturday & i was all planning on having a good weekend. I woke up at 10am, do some housekeeping, have my bath...just like normal person. My girl is coming back to KL, ETA at 2.30 pm & i have to go and fetch her. After performing my Zohor prayer, i go out to settle my bills & have my way to KL.

Now comes the interesting part, when i arrived somewhere near Serdang and it was a massive traffic jam. I never thought of anything until i remember about the ISA rally. I saw the banner somewhere in Sentul recently. I thought i could avoid the massive jam by using the SMART tunnel and it all ends up the same. Stucked at nearly 2 hours and i just cannot take it. My girl called me to inform that she also stucked in a massive traffic jams. What a coincidence. I just pretend that i like it very much. Only at 4.30 i managed to fetch my girl at LRT Sentul Timur.

I just wonder what is all about of having this rally? All those protesters really got what they want? Do they managed to get ISA abolished? Do they achieved their objective of the rally? Or it's just a stupid public nuisance?

From what i understand, one of the purpose of our life is to make other peoples life better. What happen here is just not acceptable. The rally by the protesters cause a massive traffic jams, roads closure and other problems. People are late for their appointment and sadly have to went through a sea of cars to get to destination and i nearly bang a motorbike who stupidly manoeuvre in front of my car. Lucky i don't hit him or else it could be worse. Moreover, according to Federal Territory Ministry, they estimated a loss over RM200 million. That's a sum of number dude! Kudos to the protesters! What the fish. I hope they are happy of themselves. Idiots..