Monday, November 10, 2008

Why Teachers Go Crazy

Here are some reasons and example of why teacher nowadays are going crazier...

So, to all the teachers and the teachers's a tough world out there. Good luck in doing your jobs. The kids are getting smarter by days. But not that smart actually. All the best anyway. ;)

The Other Family

The story begins when i started to join the college comittee. It was January 2006, i have been chosen as the Multimedia & Information Bureau of Perindu Residential College. It was funny at the first time because i was so not into this leadership thing. I was surprised actually to be chosen as one of the college representative comittee. But, what have to be done, must be done. You gotta do what you gotta do.

It was different to have the experience working together organizing programs for the students. I felt a bit awkward at the first time, but as time grows, i'm beginning to love it. It was a lot of challenge actually in being in the leadership field. All the pressure and critics bombarding me made me a better man. There are certain people accusing me of "gila kuasa" and whatsoever. It didn't stop me there. In fact, it made me improve myself. A true friend will support, while the rest condemn. I don't give care about that.

Now after serving the college representative comittee for 2 consecutive years, i found that this is also my family..the other family of course. The motto "Works As Family" has brought a new gateway to myself. If not about the "family", i would not know the meaning of leadership, trust, happiness and love completely. Perindu College Representative Comittee aka JPK Perindu has made me a better man. Thanks again for all.

Adat Dijunjung Tamadun Disanjung

It's been a while since i last updated this blog. I've been very busy this recent couple of months. Completing commitment, college and exams. But now i'm back with limited time of having leisure.

Back to the title. Sounds very traditional malay isn't it? Well, that's the name of the Appreciation Dinner for our college. What made it so memorable to me is that it is the first time in being JPK, i was elected to be the program director. It was a hell of a work. From the beginning until nearing the dinner, it was a big pressure coming all out towards me. Alhamdulillah, the dinner went on very well. It finished on time and everything were going according to the plan. I just wanna say an infinity thanks to all my brothers for the support they showed me. I really appreciate it. It will not be a success without the help from you guys. Thanks again y'all. -JPK 07/08-