Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Captain's Rule

I came across this thing when i was having my dinner at the Manhattan Fish Market with my family. It sounds funny but i guess it's just something for us to ponder. This rule is so related to my father, as he is always boarded ships and vessels. He also find it interesting. Hehe.

The Captain's Rule:

Rule No.1

The captain is always right

Rule No.2

If the captain is wrong, see Rule No.1

You Said What?

Last week i went to PWTC for Snap-A-Job Expo. I met a lot of people over there. Sharing knowledge and giving out opinion about working life. It's not easy to get good job nowadays. My advice for all the graduates out there, just don't be too choosy when it comes to job. Snap any job you can find.

Back to the title, as i wandering around the Putra World Trade Centre with my good friend, Muaz, we came along the Pesta Buku signboard. So, we decided to give a visit. There are a lot of booth over there. And guess what, i bought the book. The price, well, tempting enough for me..RM 15.

It's a good book though. The story is all basically about the greatest lies and propaganda throughout the history. Watergate scandal, Incident in Tonkin Gulf, The truth about Cleopatra and many more interesting story. I recommend this book. I don't know the price at other bookstores. But i bought it for RM 15 at the Book Fair.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Demi Cinta

Maaf ku telah menyakitimu

Ku telah kecewakanmu
Bahkan ku sia-siakan hidupku
Dan ku bawa kau seperti diriku
Walau hati ini terus menangis
Menahan kesakitan ini
Tapi kulakukan semua demi cinta

Akhirnya juga harus ku relakan
Kehilangan cinta sejatiku
Segalanya telah kuberikan
Juga semua kekuranganku
Jika memang ini yang terbaik
Untuk diriku dan dirinya
Kan ku terima semua demi cinta

Jujur aku tak kuasa
Saat terakhir ku genggam tanganmu
Namun yang pasti terjadi
Kita mungkin tak bersama lagi
Bila nanti esok hari
Kutemukan dirimu bahagia
Izinkan aku titipkan kisah cinta kita selamanya...

Chelsea vs Malaysia

Malaysia and Chelsea meet again. 29th July 2008 marks the historical date where the Blues beat up Malaysian Squad by 2 goal to nil. It was 7.45pm, me and my cousins are waiting outside Shah Alam Stadium. We can hear the crowd roaring inside the stadium. The atmosphere was very tempting. The moment i got into the stadium, it's already 8 minutes past the kick-off time. Damn we're late.

1st half of the game was quite a one side show. As predicted, Chelsea dominated the entire 1st half show. The 1st goal for Chelsea was from Nicholas Anelka. The goal actually could be avoided, but luck do came in for Anelka.

2nd half promises something great from the Malaysian squad. I can see improvement in Malaysian attacking and defense. But the outcome is just the same as the 1st half. But this time, Ashley Cole managed to put his name on the scoresheet. Malaysia squad seems to nearly put a goal back but only to see Zaquan wasted the chances. Cudicini, who replaced Petr Cech in 2nd half made a blunder by passing straight to Malaysia's striker..but yet another chance goes to waste. Now i can see why Chelsea wants to sold Cudicini. Hehe!

Overall i would say it's a one sided match with Chelsea dominating. But still we have to give credit to Malaysian players. They fought hard and they fought good.'s a good result. I can see the potential in Malaysian Squad. The potential of becoming one of the strongest competitor in South East Asia. It's just need the right tonic. The end.