Friday, February 11, 2011

Shit Happens

Just browsing through the net and found something interesting. The goalkeeper from Ebbsfleet United shown in the video only managed to last 10 seconds on the pitch before being sent-off for the foul on his penalty box.

An under-shot backpass by the defender was intercepted by the opponents from Farnborough and the striker was brought down in the penalty box. The goalkeeper was shown straight red card for the challenge on denying a goalscoring chance. Shit happens...sometimes. LOL

You can read the full news here.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Racist Toilet

Last couple of weeks back, me, my girl & my cousin went to One Utama just to wander around and look for good food to eat. then all of a sudden, my stomach grumbled and i need to go to the washroom. Managed to find one and i straight went in.

During the "transaction" i just looked around the toilet room. Then i've noticed something that is so freaking racist but yet is funny. At the toilet door, somebody made some remarks that goes something like this "bodo punya cina, kencing bersepah, taktau basuh.."

And then another person replied, "melayu pon bodo, buang anak bersepah..".

I managed to did nothing but laughed my ass out in the toilet. Oh, how i love Malaysia.

p/s : this is not a racist post neither it's written to spark racism. Just something for us to laugh about together. :)