Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Works, dengue and i'm at it again

It's been 5 months since i last wrote a new post. Didn't really have much time to do all the writing. Busy with works and lots of thing.

I guess most of the people would know that i've been struck by the dengue few months back. It was a horrible experience even-though it's not that serious. Perhaps the mosquitoes like it very much.

It was my very first time that i got hit by dengue fever. Only God knows how i suffer through the process. It started off with a normal fever which nobody would suspect that it was a dengue. After seeing the doctor and had my medication for nearly a week, the fever wouldn't come down at all. It was like on and off, my body hurts, my backbone was crunching, my legs hurt everytime i move and i really lose my appetite.

So, i decided to went back to Penang. Just before i departed, i managed to have my blood checked by the doctor. The doctor said that the blood test result is only can be identify after 4 hours. So, i let the doctor have my mobile number and i depart for Penang.

Rashes started to grow all over the body. I've already suspected that something is going wrong with me. I was scared though thinking that this an obvious sign of dengue. Along the journey i was nervous about the result that i might get.

It was 4 am, and i get the call from the doctor confirming that i had the symptoms of dengue. My blood platelet level plunged below normal level. Gosh, i was shocked. About 10am, my parents decided to take me to the hospital to get a treatment. The doctor there said it was not a serious case but suggested me to be warded...but instead i choose to stay home.

My cousin did suggest me to drink a lot of guava juice to increase my blood platelet level. I drank nearly 3 liter of Peel Fresh Guava Juice every single day. Lucky me, during i departed for Penang, my fever had gone off completely. Alhamdulillah i was lucky this time not to be affected seriously by the dengue.

From the dengue experience, i learn some tips on how to tackle the dengue thing. Firstly, if your platelet levels is plunging, guava juice would be a good medication. Some more, most of people said that it is good to eat the crab's soup. I don't know how true these things are but it works for me.