Sunday, July 12, 2009

Public Enemies

Yesterday i'm all geared up to go & watch movie at the cinema. At first i felt like was torn between Transformers 2 & Public Enemies. Yes people, i haven't watch Transformers 2 yet. Pity me. My stop, at Alamanda Putrajaya to watch movie with my girl. After making up several discussions, we decide to go & watch Public Enemies which is played by one of my favorite actor, Johnny Depp.

As for the movie review, Michael Mann's John Dillinger movie "Public Enemies" is slow to heat up and never quite comes to a boil. At first i thought it was an action-packed movie but ended up much like a cowboy drama. The storyline was good though but i think the director lacked the X-factor that supposed to be put in together in the movie. The story is a bit slow and made me yawn several times in the cinema. Again, the storyline was good but the story build up very slowly and didn't reach the climax after all.

As for conclusions, i would say that the movie is not up to my expectation. Rating: 4/10. I should have watch Tranformers 2 yesterday. Dang!