Monday, March 26, 2012

Can You Talk?

This happened to me earlier. A lady tried to have a chat with me. She wanted to ask me a couple of question.

Lady: hi...can u talk?

Me: yes...i've been doing it for the past 26 years..

Lady: .....


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Thursday, March 22, 2012


Jakun are a group of orang asli of Malay peninsula. They are probably branch of proto-malays. They are mostly located in south Pahang and north Johor.

Sebenarnya aku saja nak test tulih blog guna phone. Saja nak jakun skit.


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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bad Morning

Today i start off the day quite badly. I woke up early today...around 7.30am. Well, 7.30 is early for sleepyhead like me. Hehe.

At 8am, i was already ready for work. With my favorite Superman shirt, jeans and a splash of perfume, i am all set to go. I grabbed my lappy, lock my room, close the door and ready to go. Then i realized that i left my car key inside my room. To make matter worse, my room key is attached to my car key. Unfortunately, my room spare key is in my freaking CAR! Now i stuck in an infinite loop.

I woke up my housemate, asking for some help. We managed to grab a PVC pipe and a steel rod and attached it together. Feeling that it is not long enough, we attached a fishing rod and put a fish hook at the end. We climb up the roof, trying to snatch my key through my window.

At last, we finally manage to hook my car key and pull it out from the window. Finally! Phew! I was so relieved that I managed to grab back my car key.

I hope the bad day ends there. Please Thursday, be nice to me ya! Ciao!


Toastmaster Meeting

Today is the AMD toastmasters 16th bi-weekly meeting. Everything went well as expected even though it is not smooth. There were some last minute changes and for the 4th consecutive time, i took up the role of the Toastmaster of the Evening (TME). Plus, i have to take up the role of Sergeant-At-Arms since the sergeant himself is out with eye infection. I wonder what he did with his eyes...hehe.

There's a lot of newcomers today. Mostly interns and contractors. It is a good sign that the AMD TMC will grow bigger and get more participation. This is really vital as the number of meeting attendees is decreasing meeting after meeting.

Well, that's not why i'm writing this post. I really would like to thank the whole toastmaster team who have put in a brilliant effort to make the 16th meeting happen. From me taking up 2 roles, the 'bidan-terjun' table topic master & role players and last minute project speech, we still did well. We run the night brilliantly. After all, that's what friends are for.

There is nothing that we cannot do!

This song for you guys. Enjoy...


Monday, March 12, 2012

Knock Knock


Who's there?

Britney Spears.

Britney Spears who?


Who's there?

Oops! I did it again...



Sunday, March 11, 2012

Toilet Mishaps

Entry kali ni nak cerita pasal toilet lagi. Baru sebentar tadi aku masuk toilet favourite aku...well, semua orang pasti ada toilet favourite masng-masing...kan?

Nak di jadikan cerita, aku pon masuklah toilet dengan niat nak qada' hajat. Macam biasa, selepas melabuhkan punggung di atas toilet seat, aku pon kluarkan handphone...and kononnya nak bersosial dari dalam tandas.

Semasa sedang sibuk bersosial, dengan tiba-tiba BOOM! Water tap dekat tepi tu just gave up on me. Kepala paip tu tiba-tiba tercabut dari paip and mencurah-curah la air.

Nasib baik dapat selamatkan phone aku. Tapi habis basah sebelah seluar jeans aku. Demmit.

Shit happens. Nasib baik tak basah kuyup aku dalam toilet. :p


The OKU Toilet

There's this OKU/disabled toilet at my office. The toilet is spacious. So spacious you can even fit in 3 buffalos inside it. In this toilet, they have shower besides toilet bowl, sink and everything else.

One day, after finished my day at the gym, i decided to take a bath in this OKU toilet. Out of the blue, somebody came knocking at the door, asking "who's inside?"

Perhaps somebody thinking i was misusing the OKU toilet, i just yelled "i'm a freaking retarded trying to take a shower!"

That guy just laughed.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bad Habit

It's been a while again since I last update this blog. I just don't know why i'm so freaking lazy to update the blog. Every time I have something in my mind that I think it's worth sharing in the blog, it's either i'm too lazy to do it or i'm so far away from the internet.

Well, doesn't matter, who read this anyway.