Monday, June 16, 2008

My Favorite Four

It may seems a bit late to post my prediction of qualifying teams for the UEFA EURO 2008. But my points remain valid..still. What's your prediction? My prediction of the last four that will qualify for the tournament are Portugal, Germany, Holland and Spain. I maybe right or maybe wrong. Well, it's just a prediction. I'm not the guy who put his money on the line just for the sake of predicting the tournament's winner.

Portugal - The existence of el maestro Cristiano Ronaldo has gave a positive impact to the team. He's a winner with Man United perhaps with Portugal together? Who knows.

Germany - Joachim Loew's team seems to have the most promising side with the appearance of Ballack,Schweinsteiger,Podolski & Lahm has boost the team's winning mood.

Holland - Van Basten boys has been very impressive with winning streak against Czech & France. Nistelrooy,Robben,Schneider and Van der Sar..i dunno what 2 say.

Spain - The Spaniards are really looking promising with their Speedy Gonzalez kinda show. Yes,the Spaniards are really fast in attacking mode with Villa,Torres,Xavi & Iniesta up ahead. Carles Puyol played a very major role in the defend. Good for them.

Happy Father's Day

It's 15th of June & it's Father's day again. Actually to be honest, i don't even know when it is exactly Father's Day. Hehe! Well,back to the main point. Father's day is a day that we celebrate and show our deepest love towards our father. Simple isn't it?

As for me, my father have to go offshore on the 13th of June. I kinda wish him a bit early than the exact date. What i wanna say here is that "I AM SO PROUD TO HAVE A FATHER LIKE HIM". He has been very understanding towards me. He is the one who thought me of being very self-confidence and proud of myself. I still remember when i was small, he never pick me up when i fell on the ground. Always taught me to get up by myself. Because of me being "anak manja", i always lay down and cry until my mother would pick and carry me up. Hehe!

My father is my best friend that i ever had in my life. I sort of form a great team with my father. Always "komplot" together and my mother would get sick because of us. Haha! Again, i just wanna say I love my father so much! So proud to carry your name.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Just For A Thought

Can't believe that the people advising our premier could have thought about a RM625 annual subsidy for every private car owner (2000 cc and below)in lieu of govt subsidised fuel at the pump!
Oh, this is so beautiful, if not downright scary. You see, I have a car (30 year-old Toyota Corona) which at market value would be probably 800 to 1,500 ringgit max. Now, I have just got the wildest, most brainy idea that only a Bayi can think of...
I go out tomorrow and buy another 10 cars (each maybe about 500 to 800 ringgit) being sold off by desperate owners because nobody wants them. The cars are ready-for-the-scrapyard kind but just barely good enough for a Puspakom inspection and a transfer of ownership effected to me.
Then I just find a place to store all of these cars (or I could even scrap them and have cash in hand from the besi buruk man) and then armed with only the registration cards of each car, I proceed to take a 3rd party insurance (about 60 ringgit without any NCB per car) and pop in to my friendly Pos Malaysia or JPJ office and spend about 70 ringgit to 100 ringgit for each car for a one year road tax disc.
I spend about roughly 150 ringgit for this procedure and now I hold my breath as the man or lady behind the counter proceed to issue a RM625 ringgit postal order in my name for every card presented at the counter...
My yearly cost is RM 150 and I get RM 625 in return. A whopping RM 475 profit that is equivalent to a 12,000 ringgit in fixed deposit for a year. I rest my case...

~credit to joey~

Cristiano RoNorman?...Credit to Asrar

Just started my way to get back on the net after being silence for a while. I've been "buzzed" by my good friend, Asrar aka Abg Joga telling me to visit his blog. I totally amazed to discover my face is on his blog. Haha! What a joke. Sort of made me feel proud of myself. Duhh...but soon i discover that i do have good friends alongside with me. Thanx asrar for editing the picture. Hehe! U think i made it myself? Click here to see for yourself.

I'm Sorry..My Friend

After a couple of months spending my time in Shah Alam, i've finally back in Penang. I've been busy with work pressure from final project, studies & college commitment. A million of apologies to my friends because of my silence. I've admit that i've been "dissappeared" for a certain period. Just wait for my comeback. Norman's gonna hunt you again!